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Fortune Toad

Background photo: Mercia Sadie
Toads have been hard done by history and superstition. The twisted notions generated by the witch persecution craze, which swept throughout most of Europe, turned this gentle and harmless creature into an incarnated demon, believed to be either helping witches in their alleged evil deeds or used as part of poisonous concoctions. Their body parts were thought to hold strange properties, which led to toads being tortured for all kinds of purposes. In many cultures though, toads were symbols of wealth and fertility, and believed to hold the key to the mystery of reincarnation and immortality. They were also considered to be rain spirits, the life-giving water. This dark green little toad is scented with Patchouli, an oil whose magical properties include the bestowing of wealth. A dusting of green glitter and glazing give it a "fresh out of the pond" look. Burns up to 20 hours.
Now also available in "Green Tea" fragrance. SEE ALSO our "Pond Pals" guest soaps.

Price: 4.99
Get 20% off when the value of your order is 50.00 or more. (See "Order" tab for terms)
Height x Length: 75mm x 90mm
Weight: 220g