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This warm orange pillar with textured exterior is scented with the delicious "Pumpkin Spice" fragrance, and decorated with a black satin ribbon and little Jack o' Lanterns, the two colours of this ancient Celtic festival now incorporated into what we know as "Halloween". Samhuinn fell during the lunar month "Samonios", which means "Darkest Depths". Black symbolises the longest nights of the year, the apparent death of Nature and Light; but it is also the Mysteries of the afterlife, the dissolution of the old before rebirth. Orange symbolises the Samhuinn bonfires of old, which served the dual purpose of chasing away the spirits of the Dark and encouraging the return of the Light; it is the creative fire springing out of the cauldron of life, the dark womb of Mother Earth from which all life emanates and to which all life returns in an endless cycle.

Price: 9.99
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Height: 73 x 160mm
Weight: 685g