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Although the highest quality products are used in the manufacturing of these candles, remember that you are dealing with a potentially dangerous natural force: Fire. Please follow the tips detailed below for your own safety and to increase your enjoyment of the candle.


  1. Always place your candle on a heat resistant surface, away from draughts, electrical items, curtains and any other flammable items.

    Keep the wick straight and trimmed to 0.5cm (1/4 inch), as a long wick will burn unevenly and cause the candle to smoke. Do not allow debris to enter the wax pool.

    Never leave a candle burning unattended or within the reach of pets and children.

    Remember that candles do leak occasionally and that a suitable holder should be used with each candle.

    Beware of candles which feel unusually light, especially those of the gilded type. This denotes poor quality wax which will drip like water when melted.

    Should wax drip on carpet or fabrics, leave to cool and then absorb the wax by applying a hot iron over several layers of absorbent kitchen paper or similar. Some candle dyes may still leave a stain.

    To increase burning time, do not burn your candle for more than 3 hours at a time, but when you first start using your candle, let it burn one hour for every inch of the diameter.

    Be sensible! Candles decorated with flammable materials look stunning but remove them before the flame catches them.

    Gel Candles:

  2. Of all candles, gel candles are the most versatile. Gel wax will burn several times longer than ordinary wax. It can be scented, coloured and contain wax, glass or flammable inserts. However, these candles can be very dangerous if cheap, low-quality gel or gel-incompatible fragrances are used.

    Always follow the precautions listed above and NEVER leave a gel candle burning out of your sight. The glassware it is contained in will get very hot and should be handled with care. Gel wax reaches very high temperatures when melted and the risk of burns is higher than with traditional wax.

    Never burn a gel candle right to the bottom of the glass, as doing so can cause the glass to overheat and shatter.

    We only use zinc core specially designed for gel candles. We do not use lead core wicks which have been reported to emit noxious fumes. The wick will smoke if not kept well trimmed. If this happens, simply blow out the candle, cut the wick with scissors or nail clippers leaving just a stump of wick sticking out of the gel, and taking care not to drop the debris into the gel.

    Extra Care Candles:

  3. The "Maiden Lace" candle is designed to burn from the inside and has a lovely glowing effect which you can see from the outside. However, due to the making-process of this candle, there may be trapped pockets of water which are released as the flame melts part of the inner walls of the candle. The wick will then become wet and make crackling and sputtering sounds. Do not be alarmed by this. Simply leave the wick to dry out before re-lighting it. This should only happen a couple of times at the most, and your candle should burn all the way to the bottom. Please Make sure that you place your candle on a holder wide enough to collect any leakage.