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"Effie" the Witch

Background photo: Mercia Sadie
Fanciful notion born out of socio-economic pressures in the Middle Ages, or distortion of a more ancient tradition, the image of the witch complete with hat, broom and familiar at her feet is the image embedded into folklore. Will you take this one to fly to your Halloween sabbat? It is painstakingly hand-painted and glazed, and will burn for over 15 hours, well into the witching hour...

NB: "Effie", Euphame McCalzean, was burnt alive on June 24, 1591 charged with consorting to raise a storm and thereby attempt to drown James VI, King of Scotland and his bride, on his return sea voyage from Denmark. (Click here to read the full story).

Price: 8.99
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Height: 200mm
Weight: 300g